Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Reflecting back over the last couple of days, I realise that in a hasty bid to grow up quickly I forgot to savour some quintessential experiences.

Such as the experience of growing up in a refreshing pocket of greenery amidst a city that is almost stripped bare of it now. Visiting this time and having the opportunity to look at something I had previously taken for granted really put a more positive spin on my childhood. Of course, this much cannot be said about the company I used to keep...

But speaking of childhood, and with a craving for fairy floss in the back of my mind, I wanted to talk about one of my great loves - the ferris wheel!

Along with carousels, ferris wheels are what I always run towards whenever I'm in the vicinity of one. This also may apply to Lovisa stores....

While we didn't eat anything from the park that night (had tarragon chicken at home I believe), we bought a 2-for 8 buck double pass on one ride. Naturally we picked the ferris wheel with the gorgeous views over the still harbour.

While traditional derivatives of the ferris wheel exist (in some parts of the world it is a wooden structure with less gondolas in it), it is the fairy lights which draws me to it, like an irksome insect to one's reading lamp. Makes for some wonderful memories too :)

The view from the inside while we descended was quite magical. Poor boyfriend, a little nervous with heights, chose not to look down at all stages of our journey up and down.
I think, if I were younger I would have scorned going for a ride on a ferris wheel. But being the ripe old age that I am, it feels just more and more important to savour these days of relative freedom (no job, no kids, no taxes) and do these small things which lend to great joy in my life.

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