Monday, 12 January 2015


After a 3-year long  hiatus I have returned to the blogosphere, this time hopefully with more of an understanding of what I want to write about and Blogger, once again, seems to be the suitable platform for this holiday whim of mine. On my adventures I will usually be accompanied by my boyfriend, who is often the photographer, and if not the photographer, then he is the initiator of the outing!

Speaking of my boyfriend, currently I am on a trip away from him, and I do miss him. Looking at old photos thus is a way to revisit some great memories with him, friends, and family. 

Lunch together for our 7 month anniversary was A-1 (okay so we celebrate menseveraries - so sue me!) and the coffee was superb too. After i get back i hope we go back for breakfast - he hated avocados and boiled eggs but he just deals with it - a development which I am immensely thankful for. After all, Crust pizza with avocado on top isn't quite as wonderful enjoyed on one's own - a stretch of the imagination indeed.

Scrolling through photos on my phone I see this stunning bouquet of rainbow roses. I've included a photo  - its from the same day.

Lunch was ground beef burger with..stuff in it - I can't recall what it was. Being both of slight build, Boyfriend and I shared this along with a side order of mushrooms in garlic oil. The sauce was a chilli aioli blend - v v v tasty!

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